Second Generation Coffeeduck PERMANENT Refillable Coffee Filter for the Senseo SUPREME & DELUXE ONLY

The Coffeeduck New Generation ONLY works in the Senseo models HD7820-DH7824, HD7830, and the HD7841-HD7842 models. If you have the original Senseo this will NOT work. The Coffeeduck lets you change your Senseo into an espresso coffee maker. The Coffeeduck is a 2-pod holder that is also works for ground coffee. Youll be amazed by its versatility! The Coffeeduck is usable for all types of coffee, from fast-brew filter to finely ground espresso coffee. You can put 5 to 14 grams of loose coffee in the Coffeeduck (ordinary paper pods contain 7 grams of coffee). Preparing one cup of coffee takes about 20 seconds more compared to preparing coffee using a paper pod.
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